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DERUI offer a wide range of electric powered LHD electric loaders with zero diesel emissions and lower noise reduce the need for ventilation and improve underground working conditions.

Cleaner And Cooler Mines

Electric power eliminate diesel emissions means cleaner, cooler air in the mine, which will boost worker satisfaction and productivity while lowering ventilation costs.

Lower Operational Costs

Available in capacities from 3.5 to 14 metric tons, our electric LHDs are powerful keys to high productivity at a low cost per ton.

Zero in-mine emissions means your need for underground ventilation is minimized. In the long run, reduced ventilation costs will equal a massive return on your investment.

ModelCapacity [kg | m³ | yd³]
DRWJD-0.61200|0.6| 0.78
DRWJD-12000|1.0| 1.3
DRWJD-1.5 (coming soon)3000|1.5| 1.95
DRWJD-24000|1.9| 2.5
DRWJD-36000|2.9| 3.9

Mr. D. P. John , International sales director