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Built with high quality in mind, ergonomic and with automated functions- DERUI's underground loaders are designed to perform a wide range makes sure that you can find the right loader for your operations.

DERUI underground loaders can handle the toughest of applications. They are highly maneuverable and enable high productivity. Standard features include powerful engines, advanced drive train technology, four-wheel drive, articulated steering and ergonomic controls. With diesel and electric versions available.

ModelCapacity [kg | m³ | yd³]
Diesel LHDs1200–6500| 0.6–3.0| 0.78–3.9
Super Low Profile LHDs (SLP)5000 | 2.3 | 3.0
Electric LHDs1200–6000 | 0.6–3.0| 0.78–3.9
Flameproof LHDs1000–2000| 1.0–1.9| 1.3–2.5

Mr. D. P. John , International sales director