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DERUI offer a range of mine trucks for underground mining and tunneling applications includes models with tramming capacities of 6 to 20 tonnes. The trucks are rugged, compact and powerful,  and also ergonomics, maintainability, availability and efficiency.

Designed To Perform

DERUI underground mine dump truck have a strong and simple design for challenging environments and conditions. They are rugged, productive and efficient equipments.

Excellent Manoeuverability

Is achieved with compact dimensions, short turning radius, articulated frame and steering control. The ergonomically designed operator's compartment offers maximum comfort with overall control.

Continuously Upgrade the Design

The design and manufacture have been continuously upgraded over the years to meet the toughest demands of the underground mining industry. All components, parts and assemblies selected meet and exceed our stringent standards aimed at simple maintenance, minimum downtime, lower operating cost and maximum productivity.

ModelCapacity [kg | m³ | yd³]
DRUK-66000|2.8| 3.7
DRUK-1212000|6.0| 7.8
DRUK-1616000|7.8| 10.2
DRUK-2020000|10.0| 13.0
Mr. D. P. John , International sales director