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  • DRWJ-2FB
  • DRWJ-2FB
  • DRWJ-2FB
  • DRWJ-2FB


The DRWJ-2FB hard rock LHD loader is a diesel-powered&flame proof machine intended for the most demanding mine environments with explosion protection. The DRWJ-2FB is only 1.38 meters wide (1.38 is width of bucket, width of frame is 1.24-1.28 meter) so it is perfect for small narrow-vein applications where maneuvering space is limited.
It meet the national design requirements for flameproof mining equipment in the China (MA).
The DRWJ-2FB, like all DERUI loaders, is designed specifically for ease of use and maintenance, with simple operation gauges and a rugged long-life structure, providing the lowest possible total costs of operation including low capital costs.

Various Engine options: CUMMINS (China CUMMINS factory)

Drive Train: DANFOSS or LINDE hydrostatic pump&motor

Axle: DERUI OEM brand, made in China; MERITOR (China factory made)

Brake: SAHR through the hydrostatic transmission

Customized buckets optimized for hard rock available

Side tipping bucket: Optional

Top brands hydraulic components: Famous name brands

Remote control system : Optional

Exhaust system: design of Flame-proof

MAX drive train

DRWJ-2FB                              The Deutz BF4L914   

MAX drive train

DRWJ-2FB                             Top Hydrostatic Components

MAX speed

DRWJ-2FB                             Heavy -Duty Designed OEM Axle


+ Designed for reliability

The DRWJ-1 has been designed for reliability and long component life, including the following features:

· Hydraulic systems with piston pumps

· Collect-style pins for lower wear and reduced maintenance

· Three-point mounting and anti-slip steps minimize slips and falls

· Hot component isolation to prevent burns


+ Designed for ease of maintenance

The DRWJ-1 includes several key features that reduce maintenance times and costs, including:

· Ground-level maintenance design to eliminate climbing

· Centralized lubrication system

· Simple mechanical design with minimal electrical or computer systems


+ Designed for productivity

The DRWJ-1 has been designed to provide the highest possible productivity in its class:

· Combines power and efficiency to provide fast tramming speeds and cycle times, with impressive breakout power

· Easy-to-use controls are simple to train and simple to operate

· Rugged structures and heavy-duty components increase equipment uptime


Mr. D. P. John , International sales director